Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My dream car and an accident.

My dream car is compact car. But, I don't know about kind of it. I think compact car is cute.
There are many color and type. I want to buy a blue car because I like blue. I want to buy this car.

When I was driving the blue car, I had an accident. The other driver was tailgating, and he hit my car. I felt very sad because my car's tailight was broken.I'll only have to replace a taillight.
Luckly, no one was hurt when I had the accident. I want to make him pay. I think he has liability for an accident.


Rino said...

I love compact car,too.

Chisa said...

I like your car.
And,are you OK?
I hope you are fine.

minami said...

Do you like blue color? It's cool!!

narumi said...

You are really like blue color.

ahmed said...

i loves your car and the color

N A W A F said...

nice car but still sad for the accident